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The Friends of Music Therapy Endowment Fund was established at SickKids Foundation to provide permanent financial support to the Music Therapy Program at The Hospital for Sick Children. The fund was set up in 2010 by Jim Norris, Chris Taylor and Kevin Goranson. Jim is the President of Norris-Whitney Communications Inc, the publisher of music trade magazines. Chris is the founder of TKO Lawyers LLP., entertainment lawyers who specialize in the music business. Both are musicians as well. Kevin is a huge music fan, with no musical ability and no ties whatsoever to the music business! In 2012, we were fortunate enough to add another member to our group. Arlene Manankil-Boyce, a fundraising professional, became a key part of our initiative.


What brought us all together was hearing about the work of Ruth Roberts, the incredible person who set up the Music Therapy program at SickKids.  

The Music Therapy program at SickKids currently depends to a large degree on outside financial donations. Our goal is have the Fund grow to a point where it can provide a stable, self-sustaining support for this incredible program. Our hope is that with the help of this Fund, Music Therapy can eventually be provided wherever it is needed in SickKids.  

Support The Friends Of Music Therapy by:

  • Donating at the Become a Friend page.
  • Hosting an Event as outlined in the FAQ page.
  • Playing In The ProAV Charity Golf Tournament. Register at

Friends of Music Therapy Ambassadors
Drake, Tom Cochrane, Nelly Furtado, Ben Kowalewicz, Jacob Smid, George Stroumboulopoulos, Brad Walst

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